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Logo Quiagen

Product: repV & Development

Qiagen N.V.

Qiagen N.V. is a provider of sample preparation and test technologies for molecular diagnostics, academic research, the pharmaceutical industry, and applied test procedures. QIAGEN offers technical services on the basis of repV along with customised interfaces to customers and SAP.

Logo Abbott

Product: Development

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is a worldwide operating pharmaceutical group. It is listed in the S&P 500 index and employs around 90,000 people in 130 countries. The company was founded by Wallace C. Abbott in 1888 and is based in Abbott Park, a suburb in the north of Chicago, Illinois. Abbott has entrusted IT-PEAK with the development and support of an interface for the transmission of service data.


Product: Sage 100


World-leading representative for aviation & tourism.

Logo Eppendorf

Product: Pipetto & Development

Eppendorf AG

Based in the German city of Hamburg, Eppendorf AG produces special machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies, and the life sciences industry. Moreover, Eppendorf uses our software solutions Pipetto and TrackIT, the latter of which was developed to read and describe Eppendorf pipettes using RFID.

Logo Ceccato

Product: repV

Ceccato GmbH

Production, distribution, and maintenance of car wash installations..

Logo Corob

Product: Development & field service


Production and distribution of systems for the production and application of paints and coatings.

Logo Dreambox

Product: repV & RMA

Dream Property GmbH

Manufacturer of digital receivers.

Logo Druschke

Product: repV & online time recording

Druschke GmbH

Service provider and commercial enterprise specialised in vacuum technology.

Logo Edgar Fuchs

Product: repV, field service & Sage

Edgar Fuchs GmbH

Planning and implementation of catering objects with 40 years of experience.

Logo Eiki

Product: repV

EIKI Deutschland GmbH

Manufacturer and provider of projectors, LCD displays, CD players, and cassette recorders.

Logo TGS

Product: repV & Sage

TGS Franke

Reliable service provider specialised in catering equipment for restaurants, hotels, communal catering, schools, kindergartens, etc.


Product: Sage & repV


A recognized company for the repair and modification of electronic products and is a competent service partner for its customers in the information and entertainment industry.

Logo Leonidas

Product: repV

Leonidas AS

Leonidas Associates AG is an issuing company specialised in the conception of sustainable investments in solar, water, and wind power engineering.

Logo Hameg

Product: repV

HAMEG Instruments GmbH

Developer and manufacturer of high-quality measuring devices for industry, science, and vocational training.

Logo Huber

Product: repV & field service


Manufacturer and service provider within the field of machine-based eroding technologies.

Logo Tischer

Product: repV & field service

Johann Tischer GmbH

Consulting, conception, planning, and furnishing of catering businesses with own or third-party products.

Logo Oxford

Product: repV & field service

Oxford Instruments

Manufacturer of optical emission spectrometers and sample preparation systems for the chemical analysis of metals within laboratories as well as for on-site material testing in companies.

Logo Pama

Product: repV & field service

Pama GmbH

Manufacturer of boring mills and milling machines for the aerospace industry, diesel engines, machine tools, compressors, etc.

Logo Wachendorf

Product: repV

Wachendorff Elektronik

Development of operating devices for mobile working machines.

Logo Pro2

Product: repV & field service

Pro2 Anlagentechnik GmbH

Systems manufacturer specialised in decentralised energy technologies and bioenergy, development and construction of systems related to power supply, gas treatment, and gas utilisation.

Logo Repair4Smartphones

Product: repV


Repair services for smartphones, tablets, and navigation systems.

Logo Riedel

Product: repV

Riedel Communications GmbH Co. KG

Manufacturer of cutting-edge intercom and radio solutions for international clients from industry, broadcasting, theatre, and the event industry.

Logo Servicekontor

Product: repV & field service

ServiceKontor24 GmbH & Co KG

Specialised in the maintenance and repair of catering equipment.

Logo Lisa

Product: repV

Lisa Laser Products OHG

Manufacturer of laser surgery instruments and devices for medicine and industry.

Logo Sartorius

Product: Pipetto


Sartorius is a worldwide supplier of industrial and laboratory balances.

Logo Schilling

Product: repV

Schilling Kaffemaschinen

Provider of complete solutions for coffee dispensers and machines.

Logo Techkon

Product: repV

Techkon GmbH

Production and quality assurance of optoelectronic measuring instruments for the graphics industry.

Logo Vangerow

Product: repV & eRepair

Vangerow GmbH

On-site service provider specialised in consumer electronics (brown and white goods) and the examination of lightning damages.