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Service technician uses repV

repV in version 4.0 extended by important features

PEAK-Networks GmbH presents the latest update 4.0 of its field service management solution repV. Based on feedback from its customers, PEAK-Networks has added important features to repV. These include maintenance functions, common service case scheduling among technicians, customer and article group discounts and other important functions for field service technicians.

Extension of the maintenance functionality

Until now users of repV could only define certain maintenance intervals in the service solution. The update now makes it possible to store an automatism - even anticyclically. If service employees enter a maintenance interval in repV with the conclusion of the maintenance contract and assign the device to be maintained to a permanent technician, the system automatically creates the maintenance order at the next due time and sends it to the technician. During this process, the individual order number is also generated. This saves office staff many small steps. In addition, it is possible to store required spare parts for a device directly in repV. This allows an appropriate calculation and the companies can plan the resulting expenses significantly better. Furthermore, it is possible to check when maintenance makes sense - for example when a machine runs in double shifts over a longer period.

Manage orders more efficiently by yourself

The repV field service app has been available for quite some time now, enabling technicians to use their tablets to plan deployments on the road and view important documents relating to a repair process. With the new update, field technicians can now also create orders directly in the app themselves. Previously, this was only possible via the in-house service. This is an advantage if, for example, the technician is on an urgent assignment at the weekend and the office staff cannot be reached at all. In the app, the technician now also sees the most important information about the device history, which provides him with initial clues when searching for the cause of the error.

Improving collaboration between technicians

The update now allows orders to be assigned to several technicians in parallel. Because the maintenance and repair of machines may require different levels of expertise, more than one technician usually works on them. Orders can also be assigned to each other, whereby the leading technician on site has a better idea of which employee is suitable for which repair work. In addition, absences can be displayed in the calendar, which the technician can enter as required. repV synchronizes the entries with the internal service calendar so that all employees have access to the latest information.

Store article and customer discounts directly in repV

With the update, users now have the option of storing individual discounts for each customer in repV for an article group - for example "Services". Such automatically stored discounts support accounting. Purchasing and sales also benefit from this because the currently valid discounts are automatically considered everywhere.

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